Cornell Tech opens its new Roosevelt Island campus

Cornell Tech last month officially opened the first phase of its campus on Roosevelt Island. Cornell Tech is the first campus ever built for the digital age, bringing together academia and industry to create pioneering leaders and transformational new research, products, companies and social ventures.

In 2011, Cornell Tech was named the winner of the Bloomberg administration’s Applied Sciences Competition, designed with the goal of diversifying the economy and creating a national hub for tech.

The city estimated back then that the new campus would generate up to 8,000 permanent jobs, hundreds of spin-off companies and more than $23 billion in economic activity over a period of 35 years. The campus is built on 12 acres of city land.

“Cornell Tech is defining a new model for graduate education, a model that melds cutting-edge research and education with entrepreneurship and real world application,” said Cornell University president Martha Pollack.

Cornell Tech started up in a temporary space provided by Google and has already graduated more than 300 masters and doctoral students, with most entering the New York City tech sector after graduation by joining local companies or starting their own.

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