Experiential Marketing: The Queens Center Way


The marketing and advertising industry is constantly evolving due to trends in consumer behavior, and technology is changing how consumers think, act, and buy.

Marketing managers understand the importance of having a presence in the lives of their demographic, but due to the plethora of information in the palm of one’s hand, advertising impressions alone are not enough for companies to effectively capture a specific target market.

Marketing managers have become keen on recognizing their target market, and developing their brand’s message to speak and relate to their audience. Their next challenge is finding platforms other than social media and local news to engage with their audience.

“The Queens Center Mall (QCM) has been helping advertisers engage with their demographic for decades,” said John Scaturro, senior marketing manager for Queens Center Mall. With 27 million shoppers yearly, the mall offers a market of happy shoppers that are ready for engagement.

“In 2018, engagement marketing, often called experiential marketing, seems to be a new priority for many companies,” he added. “Engagement marketing is a strategy that directly engages consumers and encourages them to participate in their brand experience. Advertisers have been effectively executing this strategy, and other innovative strategies at the Queens Center Mall.”

Scaturro spoke with This Is Queensborough about how Queens Center Mall is able to offer traditional advertising, experiential marketing, and brand loyalty strategies.

TIQ: How have brands been able to establish a presence in the lives of the Queens Center demographic?

JS: Brands, retailers and advertisers have placed media and executed promotions using Queens Center Mall as a platform to reach their target market for years. In fact, millions of people visit Queens Center annually and savvy advertisers have taken advantage of this audience to expand their brand. At Queens Center we understand that access to our consumers provides companies and brands a clear competitive edge in today’s cluttered marketplace.

TIQ: How has the “fun” shopping experience that Queens Center shoppers engage in become an asset to advertisers?

JS: Queens Center is an ideal place to reach consumers with in-mall media when they are in a buying mood. Reach and frequency are optimal; shoppers view advertisements when entering the mall, visiting the food court and throughout the common area. Queens Center’s in-mall media breaks through the clutter with high-impact, high-visibility advertising and promotional messaging including banners, elevator/escalator wraps, food court table clings, and new digital boards.

TIQ: How does the Queens Center Mall support companies in successfully executing experiential marketing strategies?

JS: Queens Center provides audience engaging opportunities to cross-promote products, incorporate sampling, demonstrations, sales promotions, special events, community partnerships, and more. Customized marketing programs can also be developed to increase brand awareness and incremental sales, while enhancing a company’s marketing goals and objectives. Utilizing Queens Center’s premium programs to communicate face-to-face with a target market is a great opportunity to enhance the relationship with potential customers and clients. Promotional displays and kiosks can include auto displays, product demonstrations, sampling and coupons, autograph signings and more.

TIQ: How can brands build customer loyalty and name recognition at the Queens Center Mall?

JS: As the sponsor of an amenity in Queens Center, a company or brand receives opportunities for building customer relationships through prominent displays, branding and customized exposure. Sponsoring consumer-centric amenities provides a brand with increased name recognition, awareness and highly visible, premium messaging. Possibilities include, soft seating areas, holiday photo sets, family restrooms, or we can customize a space specific to a brand’s target demographic.

John Scaturro can be reached at (718) 592-3901 or john.scaturro@macerich.com.

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