HAB Bank’s Jackson Heights branch: A commitment to our community

In 1989, HAB Bank New York decided to open its second full-service branch in the heart of bustling downtown Jackson Heights, a melting pot of cultures, religions and nationalities.

The bank believed in building relationships and establishing a branch in the middle of a busy commercial district, and Jackson Heights gave it the opportunity to forge long-term relationships with its customers, primarily those of South Asian heritage.

The branch has grown over the years with support from the business community and individuals living in and around Jackson Heights. The branch’s customers have grown more diverse and truly represent the essence of New York.

In 2015, the original location of the Jackson Heights Branch was destroyed in a devastating fire. With support and tremendous help from customers and the local community, the branch was back in business next day. HAB plans to move the branch back to its original location in the Bruson Building late this year.   

HAB’s Jackson Heights Branch, currently located at 37-20 74th Street, offers complete banking solutions for businesses as well as individuals. The challenges facing small businesses in today’s marketplace are numerous, and HAB understands and is ready to help an entrepreneur grow his or her business.

Their one-on-one service is the hallmark of HAB’s philosophy and culture. The bank is also committed to providing inexpensive and comprehensive banking services to all of its customers.

Business banking services at the Jackson Heights Branch include business checking accounts, cash management services, remote deposit capture, and automated clearing house, to name a few. Other services include:

• Merchant Processing

• Domestic and International Wire Transfers

• Payroll Processing

• Business Sweep Account

• Business Debit Cards

• Online and Mobile Banking

• E Statement

• Asset-Based Loans

• Commercial Mortgage Loans

HAB’s Jackson Heights Branch also offers personalized banking services, including:

• Personal Checking Accounts: HAB has a wide array of personal checking accounts to choose form.  Whether you write five checks or 50 checks a month, checking account choices offer economical solutions according to your needs.  Personal Checking products include Basic Banking Accounts, Freedom Checking, Smart Checking and Traditional Checking Accounts.  Find out what’s best for you.

• Money Market Accounts: An Ideal compliment to your personal checking account. Also conveniently accessible through Visa Debit Card and HAB eBanking.     

• Saving Accounts: The Statement Savings Account provides an ideal place to create a nest egg while keeping the funds available to you when you require.

• CDs and IRAs: Earn higher yield with flexible terms ranging from three months to five years. HAB CDs offer safety and return that is guaranteed for the term of the CD.  Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are a convenient way to start saving for retirement.

• Full array of Online Banking, including Mobile Banking and Debits Cards

HAB Bank incorporated in 1983. Headquartered in New York City, the bank has branches in New York, New Jersey and California.

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