Showky Kaldawy’s father started their family-owned manufacturing company in 1956.

Originally from Lebanon, Kaldawy Sr. came to Flushing with just $21 in his pocket. But he also had an ability to repair automotive parts, and soon, he founded Mondial Automotive.

Sixty-two years later, Mondial is a thriving enterprise with clients that run the gamut from New York City agencies to Delta Airlines and Coca-Cola. Their operation has expanded to about 60 employees, led by Kaldawy, who took over as president after his father.

Mondial remanufactures automotive parts and services and redistributes them to keep fleets running. Their shelves are stocked with remanufactured parts including turbochargers, diesel fuel pumps, and filtration products.

“It’s usually very challenging to get involved with,” Kaldawy said. “Those are the things we gravitate towards.”
Through six decades, the Kaldawy family has stuck with their home borough. Their first site was on 41st Avenue in Flushing. Today, their 30,000-square-foot facility is located on 14th Road in College Point.

Kaldawy said Queens has “tremendous talent” as well as diversity in equipment, machinery, and most importantly, people. He could have moved the company to the Bronx or other places, but he wanted to stay.

“You’ve got everything in the world you’d ever want,” he said. “We have the population that other areas aspire towards. We’ve got a great work pool.”

Over 60 years, Mondial has built a strong relationship with its staff, some of whom have been with the company for decades, and the larger Queens and New York City community. Kaldawy said as a good-standing organization, their company has always participated in the community when they can.

“I almost feel like we’re part of the integral fabric that keeps the city running,” he said. “When you look at a snowstorm, when you look at keeping transit buses up and running, we are part of that support crew that keeps these vehicles running. We take tremendous pride in that.”

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