Splashy new screens welcome visitors to JIBEI

The Joint Industry Board of the Electrical Industry (JIBEI) has two New York facilities in Long Island and Queens each serving two different audiences, students and visitors respectively.

To improve engagement with the two audiences and offer relevant information, JIBEI invested in a visual communication solution to create two distinct experiences from one platform.

At the Long Island center, which offers continuing education classes and weekend seminars, JIBEI added a welcome display in the lobby, a message board in the lounge and a menu board in the cafeteria. The screens display class listings and seminar agendas, in addition to announcements and dynamic menus.

At its Queens headquarters, JIBEI needed a network of screens to showcase projects, highlight important milestones, and display member, executive, and partner spotlights.

Both facilities had to be on the same digital signage network, with the ability to control any of the individual screens from one central login. Mvix worked with AV partner, Adwar Video, to network 29 digital signage systems throughout the two facilities.

“By rethinking how they deliver information to these groups, JIBEI was able to enhance the visual appeal of their campuses and improve engagement with their audiences,” said Mike Kilian, Mvix director of Business Development.

The entire network is remotely managed from the Queens headquarters.

“We loved our first few displays, and when we decided to add more, we were really impressed with how the software could scale,” said JIBEI director Michael Yee. “The software allowed us flexibility to add and organize content without ever interrupting our normal workflow.”

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