Bobby Giurintano is always looking for ways to help his clients, no matter how big or small.

As a key account manager for TGI Office Automation, he helps companies figure out solutions on hardware, such as copiers and printers, and software to improve document management and workflow.

Part of their work includes using the latest technology and tools to help their clients.

As new technologies come out, we embrace them open-mindedly and use them to our advantage,” he said, “to not only make our customers’ experiences better, but to help them lower costs, improve security and do things that are important to their business.”

Giurintano said he finds that a topic many companies are concerned with is security. He called it a “never-ending” challenge that is constantly changing and evolving. He advised businesses to find an expert in the field, whether it’s hardware or software, to make sure companies are protected.

He also recommended adding a lot of boundaries and layers of security in place to make it difficult for hackers.

These people are so smart, even the biggest banks in the world are getting hacked,” he said. “It’s near impossible to be fully secure.”

As the co-chair of the Queens Chamber of Commerce’s Technology Committee with Eugene Erichsen of Connect Me Voice, Giurintano said he understands the importance of being involved in local chamber organizations. It’s one way he gathers feedback about technology issues and needs from the chamber’s members.

Though the Technology Committee, formed in 2016, hasn’t hosted any big events yet, Giurintano said they get involved in every other committee because “technology fits into everything.”

We’re more in the backend of things, working with other committees because they’re all involved with technology in some way, shape or form,” he said.

In 2018, Giurintano said he expects “more of the same” from the chamber, including networking and event opportunities that helps companies expand their business. He encouraged any company interested in joining to plug into the events.

There are so many members, and their membership is growing crazy fast,” he said. “There are a lot of great professionals, lot of great businesses. Just continue to meet with them and find out how you can develop more opportunities.”

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