The Edgemere Food Fair & Market brings good food, music, and vibes to Rockaway

The Edgemere Food Fair & Market is opening Saturday, June 30th

Every weekend from June 30th through August 12th, enjoy food, music, and local vendors from Beach 30th St. to Beach 50th St. in the Rockaways.

Charles Jacobs is the Park Concessionaire for the east side of Rockaway Beach, NYC. He runs @DredSurfer concessions on Beach 17th and his territory covers everything, including playgrounds, soccer fields, football stadium, etc., from Beach 9th to Beach 50th. Together with Nicole Russell of @LastDragonPizza, they created Edgemere Food Fair.

Edgemere, located on the east end of the Rockaway Peninsula, is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in NYC. It’s also the most populated section of the peninsula.


 Designated Surf & Paddle Area

 Less Crowded

 FREE Parking
. Fun-filled Playground
 Football Stadium

And now… Good Food +  Good Music +  Good Vibes!
Prior to the 7-mile stretch being reconstructed, the boardwalk was broken down for years in many areas on the east end. This prevented traffic from venturing continuously all the way down to Beach 9th from Beach 50’s and beyond.
That’s all changed. Now there is continuous traffic.
Unlike the daily mobile food vendors you see on the west end of Rockaway Beach, Edgemere Food Fair is a Temporary Food Service Establishment/Merchandise permit event happening on Saturday and Sundays only, with the intentions of solving the ‘food dessert” issue on the east end. Also, under the Temporary Food Establishment permit, the barrier-to-entry requirements for food entrepreneurs, home chef’s, and/or restaurant owners, are less stringent — giving local entrepreneurs who do not meet the requirements of being a permanent mobile food vendor (food trucks, mobile carts, etc.) an opportunity to sell directly on the boardwalk for a relatively low investment.
DATES: Saturdays and Sundays ONLY. Saturday, June 30th thru Sunday, August 12th, 2018.
LOCATION: The boardwalk in the EDGEMERE SECTION OF ROCKAWAY BEACH- Beach 30th St. – Beach 50th St.
The application deadline is approaching, so apply now by visiting

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