Acosta Foods, TD Bank Recognized by FH Kiwanis

The Forest Hills Kiwanis honored Janice Autler, manager of Acosta Foods, and Richard Dzwlewicz, regional vice president of TD Bank, during its annual Christmas party last Tuesday.

Acosta Foods has supported the Forest Hills Kiwanis in events such as the pancake breakfasts, where proceeds go towards sending a child to Kamp Kiwanis in upstate New York. Furthermore, Acosta Foods has also donated to Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy’s food pantry.

For years, TD Bank worked with Kiwanis vice president Tom Long to organize and run the Forest Hills Memorial Day Parade.

“They’ve made sure that every year we’ve had a parade and that our community has had the chance to come out and honor our fallen service members,” said club president Jeffrey Hayes.

Dzwlewicz said the bank aligned well with the values of the Kiwanis Club. He also expressed how much dedication the bank has for giving back to community, including himself, who serves on seven boards, including the Scouts and Helen Keller Services for the Blind.

“Every single one of my people serve on boards in the community because it’s very important to us to give back,” Dzwlewicz said. “We also wanted to congratulate the Kiwanis for all of the work they’ve done.”

(Jen Khedaroo)

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