Chamber Offers Free Tours of Flushing During U.S. Open


After watching matches during the U.S. Open, tennis fans were invited to hop over to Flushing, where they can learn about the historic neighborhood’s past and present.

As part of the “Flushing Fantastic” community marketing campaign, the Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce hosted free, hour-long walking tours during the two weeks the Open was in town.

Dubbed “Discover Flushing,” visitors learned about the neighborhood’s significant history, popular shopping destinations and foodie spots.

John Choe, executive director of the chamber, said not only will participants learn about how Flushing was one of the centers of American colonial history, but also how contemporary communities arrive, struggle and make a living in modern-day New York City.

Whether it’s the Mets or the U.S. Open, we want to make sure the local community, the mom-and-pop stores, benefit,” Choe said. “This is a way to connect visitors who come to these sporting events to our town.”

Choe added that Discover Flushing is just a pilot program. “I think we want to get an idea of what the demand is before we expand it or make this a permanent program,” he said.

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