Help WIN Make a Difference in Africa

 The WIN Foundation is striving to impact the lives of the needy and to build a more robust and sustainable world.

This year, the group stands ready to embark on three medical mission initiatives in the rural communities of Nigeria. Like most developing countries, a primary challenge has been the lack of adequate funding from government to fight serious health issues, such as malaria and high blood pressure.

WIN Foundation has plans to continue agricultural initiatives assisting local farmers by providing seedlings, cash crops, and fertilizers and funding.

WIN also is determined to find money to rebuild crumbling health clinics, equipping them with medical equipment and a mobile van for medical outreach in remote villages where the sick may not be able to access transportation.

Since 2012, the WIN Foundation has continued to serve communities in need across the world through its outreach program Mission of Mercy (MOM). The foundation has assisted communities in remote parts of the world with food supplies, agricultural empowerment, educational support, and infrastructure development.

The When In Need Foundation also assists individuals with health complications and diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa, mobilizes doctors, nurses and pharmacists in medical outreach missions. Communities are provided with free medical screenings and treatments, eye exams and glasses.

To support the efforts of WIN with funds, medical equipment or materials, call (347) 249-3500. Learn more at

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